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Our Story

Calvin started working in the construction industry at the young age of 19. His father, Calvin Sr. who was a journeyman carpenter and renovator for Delco Renovations, had a huge influence in Calvin's life as a mentor before his passing.

Calvin has worked in nearly every facet of construction over the years. He has been involved in commercial projects like Tim Hortons across British Columbia, and condos to multi-million dollar custom homes, to kitchen and bathroom renovations to legal suites.

Calvin has a broad range of experience and expertise that our clients in the Okanagan have benefited from for over 20 years of dedicated service. He is also accredited in interior design from the Okanagan College. Which is recognized through the Interior Designer Associates of Canada. He desires to help our clients attain their renovation goals and to ultimately love the space they create together.

Today, Calvin thrives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and focuses his expertise on:


because having a clear idea of what can be accomplished with our clients and their space is key.

Interior Design

because seeing is believing! We render your space in a conceptual way and its totally cool to see it before any walls get torn down!

Renovations & Construction

because it ensures that the ideas that have been painstakingly hashed out are created with meticulous attention to detail.

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We hope you find what you're looking for with us!

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