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At Blue Sail Design & Contracting we strive to bring you the highest standards of customer service and workmanship.

We proudly offer:

- Consulting for your home and commercial renovation needs, to ensure building codes are met and required permits are obtained.

- Interior design complete with renderings, to make sure our clients have a visual of what they are about to create with us.

- Contracting services to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of workmanship, innovation and design.


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Our Recent Projects

Royal Anne Hotel ~ Before

We helped streamline and conceptualize their breakfast room to bring it to the next level!

Royal Anne Hotel ~ After

The ambiance and cozy feeling you get when you visit and dine in this room was worth all the effort! 

Royal Anne Hotel ~ After

Adding a back-lit photo of a vineyard brightens up the space that mimics natural light beautifully!